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A fan commented on Facebook - "SURF ZUP (is) a surf band from Detroit area that (is) getting standing room only at their gigs.....if they are in your area....see and hear them for sure..."

Last updated 3/8/20

The bookings for Summer 2020 concerts are progressing nicely.  We had a very successful 2019 and we hope to carry that on into 2020.  Thank you fans of the band.  We are also grateful to the buyers who understand and love what we do, and invite us back every year. 

For people who want to hear Bruno Mars or Freebird (for the millionth time) we are not your band.  We are designed to be different, and a pleasant change from  other cover bands.

We will continue to play the great guitar instrumental rock songs that cover bands can't or won't play. Check out our Songlist  and you will see what we mean.

Who said you can't dance to Surf Music?   

These Go-Go dancers prove you can dance  (Our friends, The WhatAbouts)

Kids and adults love our music.  These girls loved us so much, they decided to parade around with one of our surfboards.  We love our ever increasing legion of fans ! ! !

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SURF ZUP is on a mission to bring back the great guitar instrumental hits from the 60's. The musical genre known by many, is generally referred to as "Surf Music". The formula is simple but powerful. Guitars, drums, catchy beats, great melodies, and plenty of reverb results in songs that are familiar to many.

The songs are played true to their original form. Vintage guitars, amps, effects and playing styles make it happen, just like it was in 1963.

We are purely an instrumental rock band. No vocals.  Just great guitars and drums.

We are not  just another local cover band playing the "Fake-book" versions of worn out blues and classic rock songs.  We are a refreshing alternative, and we appeal to audiences across wide domeographics
          We are the real deal.

Oh, and we are Surf  Zup, not SurfZup, or surfs up, or surfszup or surfs zup...

This just may be the best photo, ever.  We are a happy meal for a new generation of fans!

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Check out our promo video for 2020    ♫  ♫♪  ♫  ♫♪

(It just may put a smile on your face)