James Bond Theme

This iconic tune that has a resurgence every few years with the latest Bond movie.  It is timeless, for sure. 

Peter Gunn

(In rehearsal at our our super-secret studio)

It was just an average day in our super-secret studio.  But we sure had fun.

However, the ending was a bit unusual.  Don't worry, Gary is OK.

The video is a little rough, and the audio is sketchy, but it is the best we could do, given that we had to sneak the equipment past security.

Peter Gunn

Another great TV Theme from the 60's.  This one has a groove that just makes you want to get up and dance.  The song has been covered by just about everyone.  Emerson Lake and Palmer had a classic version.

We think our arrangement stands up to all of them.

Wipe Out

Surf Music is fun.  Guitars, drums cool beats.  What a concept.

SURF ZUP - Ken on drums, Gary on bass, Jack on the grungy lead, and Al with a tasty solo at 2:03. 

We hope you enjoy this one.
We think that Ms. Galore would approve.


So, who said you can't dance to Surf Music.  Our friends Kelly, Suzy and Deb from the 60's Girl Group, "The WhatAbouts", prove that you can.

The SURF ZUP Beach Party - The kids loved it

What's not to love.  Surf boards, tiki masks, sand, waves.  And the air guitars and beach balls were our happy meal prize to them for being such good sports.   We gave purpose to their playtime.  They played on the terrace in front of the stage, with 2,500 people in the amphitheater.

This video may be a bit long, but it was definitely a fun time for the band and the kids.

© Copyright 2020 - SURF ZUP

The Munsters Theme

The TV Theme from the 60's was quirky, just like the characters in the Munster family.  SURF ZUP makes it spooky with a cool arrangement.  We hope it will make you smile.


This iconic 1963 song by The Chantays, defined the volumes of surf guitar songs that would follow.   It's about the Reverb!

SURF ZUP rocks it with authentic Fender guitars, amps and outboard reverb, just like it was 1963 once again.  So sit back and catch a wave.

Hawaii 5-0

This TV Theme song from 1968  will forever be associated with The Ventures, the best selling instrumental rock band in music history.  Originally performed with a 22 piece orchestra, SURF ZUP attacks it with 2 guitars, a bass guitar and drums.  And don't forget to tell Danno to "book  'em ".

Pink Panther Theme

This catchy theme song to the 1963 movie starring Peter Sellers was later remade in 2006 starring Steve Martin in the role of Inspector Clouseau.

SURF ZUP departs from the traditional large orchestral arrangement, and rocks it out.  It will make you smile.


The surf bands of the 1960's were fascinated with space exploration.  This song was The Pyramids attempt to express the feeling that they imagined if they dropped their surfboards, and surfed a rocket to outer space.

The Cruel Sea

We love to play this song because of the energy it exudes, and it has all of the elements of a good surf song.  It may not have been the most popular song, but it always seems to sound familiar to people. We generally open our first set with it.  We think the song is that strong.

It has great historical significance, in that it was the only surf song that was played by a British Invasion band from the 60s.  It was written and performed by Billy J Kramer and The Dakotas.  They were managed by Brian Epstein (who also managed The Beatles).  The song was produced by George Martin (who produced all of The Beatles albums).

Check out our promo video for 2020 ♫ ♫♪ ♫ ♫♪ 

One last comment on these videos:  

We publish our videos on YouTube and link them here, to avoid copyright infringement.  We believe strongly that artists (the song writers) should be compensated for their work.  It is our understanding that YouTube tracks the songplay and compensates the people who own the publishing rights.  We also encourage you to buy or rent the videos of the movies or TV shows. 


Possibly the most recognizable surf song ever, made popular with the surf resurgence of the 90s and Pulp Fiction.  Dick Dale was one of the surf guitar pioneers, following in the footsteps of The Ventures.