The Cruel Sea

We love to play this song because of the energy it exudes, and it has all of the elements of a good surf song.  It may not have been the most popular song, but it always seems to sound familiar to people. We generally open our first set with it.  We think the song is that strong.

It has great historical significance, in that it was the only surf song that was played by a British Invasion band from the 60s.  It was written and performed by Billy J Kramer and The Dakotas.  They were managed by Brian Epstein (who also managed The Beatles).  The song was produced by George Martin (who produced all of The Beatles albums).

Out of Limits

This a surf guitar version of the theme to The Outer Limits, which was a TV show similar to The Twilight Zone. It was on the air between 1963-1965. Due to the futuristic and creepy nature of the show and it's theme, this song became popular around Halloween as scary mood music. Elements of The Twilight Zone theme were also incorporated in the song.  The haunting first new notes are iconic.  It was first recorded by The Marketts, but The Ventures heavier and more powerful version catapulted it to new heights.

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We have captured a number of songs, all played live.  The sound was recorded from a video camera, and is not mastered.