Jeff Supina
Raised on only the finest collection of classics from such artists as the Beatles, the Monkees and many more by a kick ass family, Jeff humbly and thankfully developed skills of intricate rhythm and delicate melody at an early age. It is suggested that the many years that have passed since then were accompanied by hours of singing and pounding on random items and would be instruments that pair impeccably alongside a brain filled with equal measures of rubbish, madness, and the sheer passion for the indescribable soundscape that only music can provide. 

J has shared the stage with artists Cartel, My American Heart, Motion City Soundtrack, Roses Are Red, Chiodos, Fall Out Boy, This Providence, MxPx and contributed directly to acts The Weakend, Glossies, Elvis Hitler and Deastro among many others. 

After joining SURF ZUP in 2022, J found that surf music was a perfect way to redirect his entropy into playing kick-arse drums.  As Johnny Reverb describes his style: “He is Keith Moon Jr, and it injects an energy and power that just works with this band.  He is a force to be reckoned with”


Dennis (Dee) Kiraga

Dennis has had a long career in writing, producing and performing.  The longtime Detroit/Chicago native is the founding member of the hugely popular band The Secrets. 

He has had a long time partnership with BMI Music Nashville and has written, produced and recorded  over 45 original  songs including Thinkin of Ways, Your For Me and Never Been Kissed.  Commercial success has included significant airplay on European television.

In addition to performing and recording, he is active as President of DKO International and Metro Music Entertainment Group.

While bass in most other rock bands only provides the bottom end groove, SURF ZUP allows Dee the opportunity to more fully showcase his talents on his Fender Jazz Bass.  The bass line in instrumental rock is akin to vocal harmonies in conventional rock.  His “modern vintage” style and sound delivers that element which is so essential to the uniqueness and power of the band. 

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Pat Supina    (aka Pasadena)

Pat (aka Pasadena) has been a part of the Detroit music scene since 1966, starting with his first band, the Panics.  Opening for Bob Seger in a bar was a great way to start. From that point, it was onward and upward with The Rockin' Levi's, The Mutants and The Treblemakers, through the 70s and 80s. Then Bootsey X and the The Lovemasters and The New Barbiturates featuring Karen Monster. Teaming up with his son Jeff in Elvis Hitler was the next project.  Since 2018 it has been The Rearrangements, until joining SURF ZUP in 2022 as a guitarist.
Pasadena’s musical tastes are varied, but certainly include The Ventures and other surf greats from the 60s.  As he said: “like so many, I was captivated by The Ventures sound and guitars, and always wanted to recreate it.”  And that he does well, in helping to make SURF ZUP more powerful than ever.

Ken Murphy  (Emeritus Status - 2022)

Ken was proud to be a student of legendary drum instructor Ray “Pankau” Parker.  He started drumming at the age of 6 and in conjunction with Larry Eagan his school band director from 2nd thru 12th grade, his musical skills were honed and challenged daily.   This would serve as the basis for the pursuit of a lifetime of musical enjoyment.

Ken has played nationally with many groups, but his roots are deep in the Detroit Music Scene. As a member of the Detroit Federation of Musicians Local #5 for over 30 years his professional career has allowed him to perform with and be mentored by the most amazing musicians to play in Detroit and around the world.   He also teaches aspiring drummers the rudiment and skills they will need to follow in his footsteps.

Ken has scaled back his involvement with SURF ZUP in 2022 and is focused more on his blues band.  He may play with us for select dates.

Jack DeFranco

Jack knew that when he first heard The Ventures guitars in 1964, he had to learn to play the instrument.  Soon after that, playing surf guitar in a high school band just seemed like a natural progression.

Little did he know that a few decades later he would be touring with the original and guitar playing founding members of The Ventures, Don Wilson, Bob Bogle and Nokie Edwards.  The Ventures would bring him in into the family and mentor him in the art of rock instrumentals.  To date, being with them at the induction of The Ventures into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, in March 2008, has been a highlight of a lifetime.   Jack refers to it all as “a storybook tale, for sure.”

The Ventures have relied on his technical and creative talents, to manage live events and to co-produce albums and other projects, for two decades.  The Ventures are the best in music history at making recordings in that genre, so the value to Jack of that continuing relationship is priceless.

Jack has taken all of that knowledge and experience and injected it into SURF ZUP.  His goal was to found an instrumental band in the spirit of The Ventures, so the people of Michigan could experience and enjoy the music that he loves so much.