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Video Viewing Help Page

****Important note on viewing this website****

If you are using a desktop or laptop computer, this site will display as designed.   Mobile devices (tablets and phones) may be displayed in a somewhat compromised mode, because of the browsers for those devices and because of download restrictions by internet providers.  You have the option of switching back to desktop mode.  There is a control  at the very bottom of each page and is labeled  "View on Mobile"   or   "View on Desktop".

Video control buttons in our Media Player may seem a bit unstable at times.  This may be related to your resident browser, and the need to refresh the cache.

Mobile devices seem to have more problems downloading the video files. 

The following steps can be taken to improve the situation:

    - Refresh the page (with the refresh icon in the address bar)

    - Delete web browser history:

           -  iOS:  Settings > Surfari > Clear History

           -  Windows:  Settings > Internet Options > Browsing History > Delete

The red buttons on our VIDEO page offer another link to the same videos.  These may work better with your browser.

We want you to see our videos, so if all else fails, the following links will take you directly to YouTube.  You can use the links or copy them into your address bar.  

We hope our videos make you smile, so hopefully the effort to see them will be worth it to you.  We wish all of these computer/mobile device issues were easier to deal with. 

SURF ZUP YouTube Videos - Links:

Hawaii Five-0     https://youtu.be/03U6uX1z06I

Pipeline     https://youtu.be/SscphWM0nlg

James Bond     https://youtu.be/ttSj_LjmoEc

Munsters     https://youtu.be/LQeNCu989ig

Peter Gunn (Rehearsal)     https://youtu.be/MqeaVt1y920

Peter Gunn (Live Outdoors)     https://youtu.be/KbwjYaJGVEg

Pink Panther     https://youtu.be/0pRN1TznxUM

Penetration     https://youtu.be/I38JwcchzTU
Cruel Sea     https://youtu.be/EGJGecX6Y8M