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SURF ZUP was founded in 2013 by Jack DeFranco.

The name SURF ZUP emanates from the "Surf Guitar" genre, but that is just a subset of what the band does.  The band plays "Instrumental Rock".  There are no vocals.  A typical Setlist includes the iconic surf songs from the 1960s, along with TV Themes, Movie Themes, and other catchy tunes, with a surf guitar influence.  The goal of the band has always been to pay homage to the great bands that created this music, and to showcase the great iconic songs, recognizable to so many.

The business model for the band has always been to play music like The Ventures.  The Ventures are the best selling Instrumental Rock Band, in music history.  In addition, rock historians would credit them with playing the first songs, that would later be classified as "Surf".  The Ventures music catalog contains more than 3,500 songs, so there is no shortage of great songs to play.

SURF ZUP is driven to play these songs, like they were played in the 1960s.  Musical skills, knowledge, passion and the correct equipment are all part of the equation.